Quiet Obedience
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Burn to Hate
Silence begets enmity, accumulates malice and offence Obeying an order painfully strikes the mind It's easier to rule the zombie, It's easy to become one You will obey, There's nothing you'll understand Your mind is wrappedеd In heavy haze Then close your eyes and go for fighting, Then close your eyes and struggle, Don't hear all moans and prayers, For there is an order, a dogma, no one can erase. Imbued with the gore, you carry out an order. Perhaps one day you'll be given a tiny medal, And they'll forget about all the things you've done. The war will pass, you'll be forgotten And forsaken in your weak world But once in your dream you'll see those Children crying for their father, Closing their eyes with small arms You'll see the image of the Death, A faceless cadaver Lying on the soil There's a time for you to understand, though it's too late, You're naught in this world, you live for nothing. Exhausted and forgotten, How should you bear This pain devouring your heart. Your weird is desolation and deceases, The loss of friends, of health and prudence - your hardest tortures. For one time in your life you've murdered, but never you'll forget this. Your way to turn to reality is Blocked.