Eternal Way...
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Автор музыки и русского текста - Игорь Балобин. Вокал - Вика Уразова. Аранжировки, запись и сведение - Игорь Шацкий и Игорь Князев. Перевод - Дмитрий Чистяков
Блюз о Вечно Гуляющем в облаках
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The Voice
The Black Box Studio
Time has passed - but you haven't changed Like a child, walking in the sky, You have left us for better place And how do you feel ? - No one knows how! Was the world not enough for you? Could we share our joy together? And those heavenly air ships... May yet bring you peace Eternal peace... Chorus: You still know... and you hear... you remember... And you soar o're the ground like a bird... Time has rushed below - somewhere On unknown path to nowhere Evermore you'll remain in my world... And I'll hear your voice again Not in dreams – somewhere far away Like the islands - clouds in the sky moved by wind to way Eternal way... Chorus...