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Новейший сингл, 2006.
"Expectation - CD Single" / "...soulful..." (new album)
Expectation Another way, another town Tears are going slowly out With revenge I`ll find myself Running to another hell, Coming back to faded worlds Of the day when I`ve been hurt, Shaking hands of divine friends On a floor of broken glass. Every night I`ll drink to this Tasting bitter rain on lips Silent moaning in a dream That I never will begin. My expectation is just foolish action It`s taking me down so low and low Saved from desires as exiled messiah Seeking in space only one lovely face. Over my new place with view on a river It`s making me lose in a heart sweetest fever I know that you`re falling, I know that you`re crying But cannot hear calling inside of this lying game. Another moon, another bet In casino of paled regret With a hate I`ll kiss someone Thinking of my little one, Gambling out the coins of love “Stop me now, it`s bad enough!” Let me leave a troubled shape For the new heartbreaker`s blade. Every night I`ll drink to that Choking with my absinth paint Silent moaning in a dream That I never will begin. My expectation, my trembling reflection Burns in the mirror of night`s unforgiven Tenement story of lost love and coming Ghost of your smile breaking a while. Delicate noises outside fragile window Devoted and captured by dreams on my pillow Who`s can be nearer, I`ll never know Just rain and the wind will be so nervous blow.