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Streit Man, Praefect SpiderGhost, Sheik Abu Sidek
Mang Nhen Clan - основа MNC Production, вторая команда SpiderGhost'a, которая была основанна в 1998 году и делает РЭП исключительно на английском языке. Втыкайте! Треки Mang Nhen Clan можно скачать на сайте www.mangnhen.com в разделе ALBUMS.
MNC Production - "Собрание Сочинений Хип Хопа: Книга 1"
BeastS Studio, Lair Records
Squad: Mang Nhen Clan Album: Spiders’ Monopoly Planet Song: Total Lie Intro: [only on Spiders’ Monopoly Planet album] *guard chases n’ shoots on prisoner from concentration camp* Chorus: (2x) Together all G’s of Mang Nhên, we’ll squeeze ya. Karakurts’ Lair, Mang Nhên increases like a miracle. We’ll take ya back to the past life Into the state witta total system of lie. Verse One: Praefect SpiderGhost All Soviet system was constructed on da lie, Lemme tell ya how this lie was reflected on my fam’s life. Someone till now think, that Stalin was da leader Of da nation, benefactor. In fact he suspected People in da treason, no reason, he pursued them. Millions of prisonaz in times were executed. Infamous “case of physicians” was established. Grandfa’s clinic was outside of competition. But the mission of “black ravens” – killing and raping. It was better to die standin’, than to live on da knees. All physicians were arrested, no inquests and no courts. After tortures, my grandfa have been shot. Chorus (2x) Verse Two: Streit Man Was born in 1970’s in the Soviet Union. Totalitarism. Them life was like illusion, Terrorism, prisons were blocked up in full with innocents, The camp regime increased for many 10-year periods. Unemployment comprise millions everytime, Their number grows up, grows up number of crimes. On the streets of cities, stations of subway, Underground passages, markets n’ everywhere so much of beggars are livin’, Money ain’t receive n’ nothin’ do not achieve, they, however, tell: Interlude: [sampled] (8x) For whom is ringin’ bell? Verse Three: Streit Man [all in brackets] The bell is ringin’ for their souls, callin’ ‘em to hell. They don’t achieve [fame], lose in this [game], Become the [aim] for the arrows of [shame]. Yo, Prior comin’ atcha straight from UA. I must tell you this, cause I haven’t any way, Shame on you, when you easy spit on the law, Cause it very soon will be turned bomb for ya. So, that is total system of the total lie, But the whole truth power bodies ain’t hide. Chorus (2x)