Make Ya Proud
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Kanapi Miles
For those who don't believe I'm worth someting... For those who fanaticise D.Bilan and don't have a blue dream of putting some bullets through "Decide"'s brains... Whatever, this shit is for anyone. They told me to make hits, not some underground. Voila, fuck em all! +)
CHORUS: What you gonna say When you know Kanapi'is in and you are down and out Who you gonna pray When you come to find to feel my gun up in your mouth What you gonna say Very moment you get shocked by what I'm all about There's just one escape If you respect me and Kanapi's sure to make ya proud. 1st VERSE: I roll on my own, what I die of, call and cry on What am I there for? Just dispose of, soul of my own So you can expose more of those shows I'm to explore Does anyone know why all this long I call women hoes? Well that's because, I just don't know any pronto's Who don't get low and I don't want those anymore All that I want is some schizophrenical girl Who would share my thoughts, my love, my world. It's easy to see, you don't get me, naturally The language I speak, German or Greek, English to be Restriction of thee, your mind is set free, noone could see That you might hate me if your translate me carefully. Mind of the sick, power of weak, heart of a geek, Blood of the kings that gives us the most dangerous mix Never been big, but underestimated and kicked, Kanapi will kick now y'all suck my dick. I got aboard but got no support except for the Lord's Taunted them musical whores, now I can discern on the chords, Sonets and waltzes fo' sho' though I said fuck on 'em both My fortune's longing for me on the other side of the road. Shit is now being performed quicker than story is told That is why it doesn't go the way it was first supposed Never before, ain't been alone, that's what I thought When I was only fifteen years old. CHORUS. 2nd VERSE: My ambitions drive me crazy, I'm like a baby, congratulate me, They'd pay me for all the shit I say maybe daily Who knows, maybe that's another lame exclaim I may be demonstrating not as great as I claim to be. Anyway, ain't got noone to barely care 'Bout what I say here so I don't need no fake sensations I may look weird. But that's another case Involving furries, can we talk about it later? Now we gonna talk of elder scrolls, Walkalones, yiffing whores, you never heard that word before, Even more, you haven't heard this shit at all, I'm into this world, I'm bout to make this motherfucker squirt! Words distorted, my brain's perverted, Thoughts inversed like "Even and discrete my thought is" Restaholic, don't remind me of, I know it, Ideas progressing withing like metabolic. You're as wild as I so why deny it? 'Cause you won't get much high of all time lying. If you don't get wild you can never touch the sky And when I rhyme it's like defying the border lines of mind. Lines are fine but being a lion's divine, Easy'n'nice, getting something like slice and dice Cold as ice, enjoying all kinds of vice Soon as it buys, it seems to overpay the price. CHORUS. BRIDGE: While you're alive keep telling lies fuckers, Think you and I are in disguise fuckers, And this is why you all wanna buck with me. High in the sky lies life of hard knockers Harder you try, closer you get, fuck this, Just as you die, you're gonna try mortality. 3nd VERSE: They say I'm funny. They say it since I don't have any money, Just to keep their mouth shut against them who try to outrun me. Punch me or pun me. Still you'd notice it's least that I worry. Really I'm sorry. For I don't give a fuck what you told me. Believe me, I'm feeling sleezy right as I'm watching the TV, Fact it's the criminal chronic doesn't make this very easy, Physically, I never keep my dick less than busy. Copy? I'll check if you really tried to forgive. Now lemme send a little message to them critics out there I ain't got shit, how dare you fucking talk about my career? Cause it surrounds me, this crap is front, over both sides and rear. They don't believe my public slash private image ain't so mere! They'll never understand it that Lord has given me the gift, Or should I call it a benefit, I can yiff and be yiffed, Though I may have never used any of my privileges Yet you have got no idea how complicated this is. Jeez! Just take a second to listen to Hellion record While having its lyrics papered using your Hewlett Packard and check it. Is there a word about me being a gangsta? No thankstcha, I'd rather keep being a fool AND a beggar, you faggots. The sky is clouded, the stadium is overcrowded, The rain is pouring as water keeps rising till everybody's drowning! Was it my concert? I doubt it cause the next day they found me Running down the street with a 9 in my hand as I shouted: CHORUS.