Confession Of The Blind - Angel Of Death
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Moon upon me as I walk dusty path through the night I am alone, I am lost, the black veil on my eyes Now I am blind, I will die, but I know it's my fault I am a murderer, and the death will consume sinner's soul CHORUS: Blind - my eyes were the price Once and forever I've paid Paid for all my crimes... But now my blind eyes See what all others cannot I see end of this world... Alone with my sword I have killed everybody I loved And I can't throw of my mind all these tormenting thoughts God! - I'm not yours, 'cause for me you remained blind and deaf Satan, take me, I shall serve if you save me from death Night... Darkness embraces my mind Blind - I pay the price for my crimes Yes, I realize my mistakes Pain - I've spent my whole life in vain! Now I'm a slave, and from hell I can finally rise Satan, my lord, he's the one who returned me my eyes I will now serve, no more blind, with a scythe in my hands I will not die, because now I'm the angel of death!