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Strange song. The lyric is simple: “girl said to guy goodbye forever and he is so angry and lost with it”. He knows that she will be sorry about losing such a good guy. But it would be later. And only that thought give him strength to live. This song was written very suddenly. We just take guitars and began to play. After 5 minutes the music was prepared. We record it for first time, just as a work version. Then I take on headphones and microphone, turn on guitar parts and began to saying words that first came to my mind. I can say that it was like word associations with guitars. So I recorded it, little edit and lyric was prepared for another 5 minutes. We not record it again, just leave it as work version. So we spent for «Goodbye» only 10 minutes and have one of the few title and main hit songs of album. Lyric simple but meaning and importance is very much for guys (Ex-Cept The Girls :) those who was in such situations. This song was released at 22nd April, on my birthday as single CD. Single «Goodbye» includes album version, mixed version and instrumental one. It the only song on album that was record and present on it with no re-recording and was record on the other studio. Also I can say that the first verse and chorus sad and lost, second is angry and self esteemed, like as guy’s feelings in such situation.
Sad Love, Hard Sex And Stupid War
Old Descendents Records
Stormy weather, I’am alone Standing all life on my own Maybe this is reason why You make me cry all night Cause you said me cruel word Can’t believe that this is all You said me goodbye, said goodbye Said me goodbye, said goodbye Life after love breakout is hard Dark, sad, sick and fuck Cunt I give a fuck on you, give a fuck on you I give up Give a fuck on you, give a fuck on you I fucked up Give a fuck on you, give a fuck on you I give up Give a fuck on you, give a fuck on you I fucked this up You will be cry You understand why After. Said. Goodbye. I swear