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promo 2006
"NewGod" I can’t see your eyes Your soul is so deep inside for me But i called myself - God A God of places which you will never see I can feel your fear When your sun is leaving the sky I killed your God And i can call myself a creator of new life. I’ll call myself a new God God of my inner endless world I can create creatures in my mind But i fear to let them out from my soul. But i can’t keep them deep inside They’re trying to leave me far away And i can see your screaming eyes When your fear is replace of them inside in my name And i create a new one Which can replace your God And when i have my kingdom Them will destroy everyone then. Unforgettable worlds which were here Some time ago were destroyed Fearless souls, which lived here Leaved this places some time ago I can’t remember who i am I’m trying, but i have no hope To see how emptiness comes In this forgotten world I can see your eyes I can hear your painful souls And my kingdom comes When your sun is gone Where i called myself – God I created a new world Where my endless sun shines Sun of darkness and endless cold.