Don`t stay away
3:33 39 1 11 лет
Verse 1: The snow’s falling down Feeling empty inside There’s a long time till you will be here again I was thinking of times We have spent together We were close but now I realize you’ve gone! Bridge 1: Confess my depression I’m gonna find you here I’m gonna magnetize your sympathy Chorus: Feeling all alone Staring at the phone Tousling all the objects in hands But I’m feeling all alone Staring at the phone Verse 2: For my 19’s birthday I’ll be making a wish That is gonna be some kind of brand new dream We could fly over Earth We could pick up flowers We could built a house of our joint dream Bridge 2: I’m all alone, call on the phone The pulse’s so fast, the day isn’t last Come here go home, I’m all alone!!!