In A Mordor
5:15 96 0 11 лет
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Сергей Фомин, Игорь Лапин
FFF Rec.
In stone jungle Of glasses and ice I wander sadly alone. I feel the pain And emptiness night Something waste to be gone. Making me crying, Lower and dying The big city lights will kill. Stay at new temple, Borned by gamble, I'm understand what's the deal. (chorus) "Total control In a Mordor Social death In a Mordor Millions of tears In a Mordor I want to run From a Mordor" This new rights Of great gangster head We don't accept by heart. Covers and sports Close to the look As people living in hard. Livin' as poor With tensed smiles We are screw for the kill. So take my hand We can leave the land For better life, let's will. (chorus)