Lost our Beauty
5:26 25 0 12 лет
Beauty which we sell for money But money proceed through fingers. Beauty which we buy, The mask will appear terrible Beauty which is given not simply so, Simply so it is spent to the right and on the left Beauty, that invaluable for everyone Finds a paper label The beauty exchanges on empty things. It is spent on drink and eaten The beauty vanishes in daily routine It withers and dries. We lose our beauty We spend it for uselessness We lose our value Pricelessness becomes selling The beauty turns to ashes It thaws as wax, flowing down on a floor The beauty turns to air Which are burnt with our avidity The beauty leaves our world Its place borrows ours leprosity the person The beauty cries above the decaying world Its tears смоет our cities Time will come and we shall recollect that there was a beauty Protogenic and unique But then will be already late and our tears Will not turn to rains and not wash of our pain. We shall look in a mirror and to search for the rests We shall look in the sky and to search for fragments We shall look at the sun and to search for heat But that we search cunningly with beauty