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3:20 9 1 12 лет
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Back to the past Snow is falling in the darkness Of your little yard. Slowly falling to the ground And becoming mud. You're turning on your favorite song And turning off the light, dancing on the cold linoleum In the quadrate of street lights. Back to the past You're drifting- To heal the wounds, Back to the past. Closing my eyes and drifting With the stream of consciousness, Far away from life of pain And emptiness. I'm descending down the stairs Into the world where all is true: Just a few steps ahead And I'll again meet you. Back to the past I'm drifting- To heal the wounds, Back to the past. Through the years, Through the memories of my life, Free of fear, Transcending space and time. Through the years, Towards the beauty of your eyes, Free of tears, Transcending space and time.