Cor Caroli
4:30 19 0 12 лет
Canes Venatici
On the spikes of pain I lay Tied by the relentless chain. Eated by my feebleness, But still waiting for the bless. In the darkness I feel light But my breathing still is tight. This light cannot heat my heart. This is my destruction's start. Vowed to keep in memory Only happiness and dreams, I remember agony, Death and everlasting screams. Bleeding wounds on my torn flesh Turned all of my hopes to ash. Only clean and cold dead skies Will see my putted out eyes. My throne stands in reign of rave. But my suit is rot in grave. Lonely king of empty crypt Silent death - my birthday gift. I will long for end of night, I will long for killing light, Star of painful purity - I'll wait for you, Cor Caroli.