Bed's Lirik
3:08 13 0 11 лет
Авторская песня
Посвящается Морозову Р.В.
История создания
Долой стихи о любви. Будем воспевать секс. 20.VIII.05 20:33-21:43
I’m alone, I’m without you. It’s so cold, don’t want to fight to. But my heart runs my blood I fill so wild, like I’m on fire! I remember you’re hot and passion with me, I remember you’re warm and tender, You were my first and only cause to be, You were mine, I remember. You know I need you more and more… I want you, cause you want me, I want your body, but not soul For one night of desire. We’re apart, living lives, Hearts alike, different minds. But I know, there’s plenty of time, We will burn the night with fire! You will have everything you ask or want, I will give you the most exciting pleasure. You can ask not to do, but I know, you won’t My answer to you, who brought to world the heaven. I will be always by your side, I want you, I love you… And after many sleepless nights, I wish, we could make this fire…