Skazochka ("The Animals' Council" Tofalar Fairy Tale)
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*** "The Animals' Council" A Tofalar Fairy Tale One day Burkhan, a famed hero of the Tofalari, called all the animals together. A council was held at which it was decided to choose a tsar from among them. The owl's was the first name to be called. But as it was proved that, big as his eyes were, he could not see by day, he was turned down. The rabbit, who was named next, was turned down too, for it was decided that he was too much of a coward to make a good tsar. The moose declined the honour himself. "It is I who am stalked by the wolf, not the other way round, therefore he is stronger than I," the moose said. The bear was hesitant. "How can I be tsar, friends!" said he. "Why, so busy was I hunting for food that I was even late for this council." "Were you now!" said the animals. "Well, don't think you'll go unpunished. From now on you'll stay underground for six months in the year and never see the light of day in all that time." So in the end it was the cuckoo-bird who was made tsar.