it's lunchtime
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Denis Trusov, Robert Andraka, Marzena Andraka
based on a poem by Division (http://www.stihi.ru/author.html?newdawnfades) and Dina Melezh
История создания
just stay unfrozen undead i want to see your smile i want it so bad cutting the face with a sharp razor of a smile and cutting and cutting into a room-wide smile which shows crooked teeth spooky stomach a-bomb stomach hungry stomach black hole stomach we – two creatures smiling in the dark and the dark smiles back and the dark moves closer closer until our smiles make one oh, this imperfect triangle three points forever connected the line of our mutual smile – mine, yours and the dark's – make a new line - the line of the horizon of the sea and the sea smiles with its dead old sailors with its neverdying submarines with its everdrowning jesuses we spread our hands trying to reach the throat of the horizon we wanna squeeze out the sun - to let it shine over the waters of our unhappiness where will it end? where will the line of the horizon penetrate my spine? here are the youngmen lifting them all - young freshcomers the spring mighty boys lifting the sea like Salvador-boy raising the waves like Leviathan raising the dead like an old King Of The Jews lifting and throwing away - into the line of the horizon into the oven of the horizon to the throat of the fate. listen! how it swallows carefully gently it’s lunchtime, my friend it’s lunchtime