A Girl In Black
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Кельтская музыка
A Girl In Black He’s walking down the streets With his head up in the sky. She thinks of all her deeds ‘nd of the deep of his eyes. He goes away and away, She doesn’t wait him back. He’s just a guy, she’s just a girl in black. He meets her from time to time, They talk about everything. Then she tries to find a rhyme For her new song to sing. They even are not friends As sometimes this may seem. This girl in black, she is in love with him. Sometimes he looks like shy, Sometimes he’s mystery. Sometimes he makes her cry And be in misery. Though for the other girls He may be a crazy dream, This girl in black, she doesn’t dream of him. No one can understand How it all can be. She don’t wanna hold his hand, She don’t want him to see Anything that could show Feelings she’s got for him. For this girl in black he’s just a sunny beam. Without him she don’t See all the world in black. She is in love, and she wants nothing back.