Self Confession
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Loki, Tearell
[A]bsolute Symphosium
FH Studio
Time approaches again. That time is closer, the twilight comes In my mind and in my chamber. All hopes are lost there's no the redemption, And again I'm on my way. Cruel thoughts like a nightmare. Spoiled my life I won't save, Coming back to path of being Full of horror and bloody wave. I can't resist it, I cannot think About the price I'll pay in future It leads me back to midnight streets Chase and overtake you die in torture Who cursed me so? I don't deserve To be a puppet of the evil My life is doomed but I still serve The total massacre and revel. Fool moon calls here I am Young girl crossed the blood line Smell of fear leads me to you Soon you'll find your grave in dark moors. There is no escape, there is no rescue, Like cold-minded blood hound I am behind. The beast inside me will chase you till place of The end of your life, your very existents in time. Pray to your gods, screaming for mercy Don't playing fool; I won't spare your life You're my aim in this night of delicacy In the lake of your tears I'm here to dive I've bitten her neck blinded by fury Then flash back like thunder, like succubus' kiss I've glanced at her face…God, even you won't cure The evil I've done….I've killed my own sis. I can't understand why I've been chosen to be damned. When the sun is down, I scream for mercy by myself. My time is over now I'll give my own life. Complete the crusade against the pure evil. I shall kill myself. There is no escape, there is no rescue. Wood is full of torches, the end is so near. The light in their eyes, it burns me like silver. To tear me apart the inquisitors here. I've reached my domain and still have a few seconds. Sentenced to death? So be it. I'll die. Here is the dagger to kill the black - hearted Animal instinct with the last deadly cry. Return me my freedom just for a moment Before the last breath for forgiveness I ask. The blade in my heart, I'm dieing like human. Shape shifter is dead, I fulfill my last task.