Wake Up
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Wake Up (Twin) Wake up - drink some coffee Wake up - look around Wake up - watch the TV Wake up - listen to the sound Of the world that tells you "hi" Of the world that makes you try To face this day Wake up - you're still sleeping Wake up - it's not too late Wake up - see this morning Wake up - it's so great It's not easy to come back When you're in the better place But now it's time to rise and shine Oh... Wake up... Please don't sleep' this world needs you You have so much time ahead You have so many things to do, oh please Wake up, come back and live The world is empty without you There's so much to get and give Please come back, come back, come back - This world needs you! Wake up - take a chance to live... Wake up - all life ahead... Wake up - so much to get and give... Wake up - don't stay dead... Wake up... Wake up!!!