Labyrinths of time
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Кирилл, Сергей, Анна, Илья, Роман
Music and Lyrics By Sergey Coldsand all Vocals by Sergey Coldsand
Live In Relax
Whispering and bleeding it is. Possessed and dying. Many voices from the other worlds around me. With closed heart, with sickness in arms. I go away, no Sun, no Moon, no Darkness, no Light… The day when I was born, was the day of Sadness… I don’t see the Angels and no Demons… It’s doesn’t exist! – This is a painful Freedom… The world of man knows noLove, no Truth… Human is a trash of eternal existence… The Life is empty… Only the Pain is the greatest source of high human feelings… And only Pain of soul… Freedom… this is the Pain! The Armies of Light and of the Darkness knows no Pain, only furious Anger… Eternal War have no End! When will be End, there will be no more Freedom… Oh, feeble human thoughts, dirty dreams and ugly Life! I can feel this, now I am free… I was in Light, and in the Darkness, was in corridors of human soul, I saw the truth of this World: when you are slave – you can live, but when you free you’ll die!!! And be free is to be whithout Darkness and whithout Light… This is a hardest Way… No friends… This is Philosophy of Pain… In the real world you can have everything: Love, Job,… But only Loneliness is there… I’ll make myself free, and was cursed by Light and by the Darkness… If the Freedom means Pain, Loneliness, I will be free… I love Hate and Destruction like