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Кирилл, Сергей, Анна, Илья, Роман
Music By Sergey Coldsand Lyrics by Kirill Forlock Vocals by Sergey Coldsand Additional Vocals by Kirill Forlock
Live In Relax
Dreaming... Sand with blood. Sun is cold. Comes in the night. Without mercy! Oh my God? Is this you? This is the last what i saw this night. Memories Of my life Chasing Me All My Life! Fever is come! In my Hands there is a fury! Defending my throne, They take my soul, And i will resist To THEM! Source of life that you forgot in this sand The sand of might! Snow with tears Has fall today in thy sea! thy ask was done! Oh my Lord! This is me? why you can't understanding all this now? Can't you see? i'm in grief. cos throne is forgot about me! Memories Of my life Chasing Me All My Life! Maybe? it's all that you said? Maybe? it's all what you got?