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Blest I started laughing when lorry crashed into me and my guts mixed with my teeth, have been already releed on a shining pictured dividing line. I heard the sounds of sirens but stood immobilazed. I was watching you, getting crossed with a road-roller. I blest. I sure. It's an abortive scheme It's my unlimited scream I was unable, I did my daytime Now It's over, I think Tell me more about More about your fears What? Say, am I grown now Now It's over, I see Tell House-tops and walls of the edifices are steaming down the sidewalk, and children, drawing on to the street, are drowned in colorful slush. It seemed to have a great pleasure. It's really - a great pleassure - to touch you, for anybody and anything. I sure. Shove me inside Noone agree Give me some pleasure and broke it Don't just feel it Swallow this fag end