Sanity (Promo 2006)
4:03 36 1 11 лет
Альтернативный метал/Ню-метал
Promo 2006
SANITY Live for sacrifice See my face now Pain and scars that’s all you left Say my name now Call it, scream it, stop, I am dead Waste of time Now is going, I can’t stop it Age of sacrifice Never ending, I am falling All this sheet in my head is devouring me, it’s all I can see I’ve discovered myself and start to believe, it’s my burden to bleed I was suspended under impending disaster, hopeless, despair and caducity, that’s the ticket Flashback returns and all things are back, down to the age of suffer Never again, I can’t fill it anymore, it's erasing my reality, absolution, abasement and vainness, Send me to me own doom Run away Searching for hide Time to fill it Run away Adapt and survive Time to fill it Never!! Tell me my dream, why do you always following me What I can do to destroy all this pain All of this thoughts, please, get out from brain And never come back Tell me my dream, why are you following me This is my life How I must be Never will see Now I can see through you NO!! It’s time to start your life again without your stress, without your pain It’s time to set your anger free Forgive, arise and let it be A lot of questions in your head, It’s all, live insanity It’s time to set your anger free Forgive, forget it is SANITY Feel your hate now! Scream and growl now! You are free now! Follow and you will see my eyes Follow, this is a hypnotize Never, you will never see the darkness You will never see the sorrow You will never see again pain, lies. Right Down.. Breath. it is bаrely breath, now, you are bleeding to live. Stand up, and make your own way! Arise Live Desolation My darkness trough your eyes My weakness to deicide This is darkest pain, walking over. World is down, I can feel it. Do you focus on me? Do you never promise? Goodbye sorrow, dark days Weakness has down! Arise! Breath your life with sorrow now You will nothing left, goodbye.