The Drawn World
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Nocturnal Wrath
This world have no right on existence, In which have no right for us
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All music by Nocturnal Wrath Lyrics by CROWnless and Lustmord
(demo 2007)
THE DRAWN WORLD Show pity for a beggar And make him rich person And it soon or later He’ll address it against on Degradation of morals Time of low standard desires Try to find Also your niche Among other proud Lonely pettinesses In the drawn world Cardboard boxes People-puppets Hypocrisy-masks In the drawn world Which has no right on existence In which have no right for us… And life under mark of nothing And drink much more than you can to drink Only one way – is the exit It’s necessary to leave From theatre of absurd existence To learn anew to breathe The Small vicious circle make you mad You wanna fall asleep and not wake up You wanna be forgotten. You feel so bad… You wanna cry. Want up to tears. Want up… (always wanted) In the drawn world By the way, our new world It’s called callousness and cowardice Destination and sorrow It's a way of endless horror You must die Overlook life Just like everyone Your lost life gone In the drawn world Misanthropy Death - is exit Kill yourself In the Drawn World Which has no right on existence In which have no right for us…