No chance
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No chance So I am here on my knees My eyes are filling with tears It seems that my chest is to burst I see I have perished My mind is recalling some deeds Cursing superfluous needs Gasping for mercy Fear makes weaker my legs My heartbeats get slower and stop I know you still love me But my soul cannot be saved I understand it’s the end Who knows that fear Can be so harmful and hopeless That it can steal actual life? And somehow I’ve opened my eyes And have managed to see There are tears on your face And thousand angels Would be so happy to help But how if I have blocked up ears? I know you I even remember your name I’m whispering praying with tears Uproot my passion Tear my pride Burn down my vanity Let me avoid this lighting Crush my weakness Win my fear Let me see your face Because you have come there’s no chance I was always dead I cannot change And rearrange Ruthless date I will never be real And the last Breath I make I’m devoting With trust To the winners who kneel