The psyche path
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The psyche path When your psyche comes back to sources of life and admires brighter paints of spring, You understand that your place is not here. This place’s perverting everything. Take the archives of the sense and find sweet knowledge of the nature opening the door To the great secrets of love that can give you strength the other people to adore. Take a step on the path,that promises an infinite way That brings pleasure despite of difficulties. On the path made of blood and love and other things Make you be as great as an angel on his wings. Through anger and hatred and pain and fear. The way is long but reliable, the end is near. You will find the reward of thousand gold days Free from misfortunes and troubles and griefs and mistakes. . See how it’s easy to tear a shell that hid the truth and blessings of mankind from you. That shell took the pleasure away the moments get lost, it made you suffer anyway. Come on, take an effort again. Go ahead! Break the chains! Behold the light of truth and hope. Take a step on the psyche path that’s leading to life you know you're worth the better one.