Ruin (Instrumental Demo)
4:50 49 2 11 лет
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Тяжелая и мрачная песня, быстрая и интересная... Текст повествует о разрыве между двумя людьми, о их гневе и злости друг к другу и чем это кончилось... В оригинале песня планируется вместе с мужским гроулингом....
Ruin (c) I only ask you To let me go I`ll never might To forget this all Everything told And all were done You’re the worst of Memories of mine Filthy desires Passion moans Coal for your fire Worn sweaty whore Animal cries Deep, soft throat Maybe I’ve died Sure you are sore Now you expire For me you’re cold And I’m so tired Door to me close So I left in honey Go out and shut off In future be quite Or my dogs shall come All of your threats Are kitten’s squeak You are small nymph That wanted dream If my embrace Is just a piece So go away I’m not a sheep But once like Broken doll You’ll left on road As praying whore Nonsense I’m fine Nothing to fall Here is my empire Awaiting my call I drinking my wine Queen on the throne Full in a delight You really goat You can’t be higher Just being low Dancing on wire Upon deepest hole One step from mire So rote if you want If you want defy Remind how much it’s cost Where gone all time? What is wrong? Why I’ve defiled? And ruin in heart It is deceit I just sleep at home But it is my lie All past have gone Ruins of my pride My oblivion I’ve lost my life line And key to my soul I hating my whine But can not stop Why I’m exile? Why I was born? Evil all mankind Answer is clown Where are you hide?!! I prey to return… Prey to return… Prey to return…