Pulse Of The Rotten
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Екатерина Корэлли
Fight The Necrosis
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Pulse Of The Rotten Sometimes you feel like you’re contagious, But most time just never mind… Slammed, dragged, forgot the smell of years (You’re ageless): The worst and best are of similar kind. Monotonous dreams are the films you eat: Coward shit to watch your dead heroes bleed. (They’re fake heroes) You’re animal-like, pussy-ass-brained, Automatic and easily played. You’re the same when you fuck, You’re the same when you suck, Never different in lie, Never ready to die. Never true when you pray, Never able to pay, Struggling hard for a nil, Dire when hunting a pill. You’re but a rhyme for a being, Made to fit anything, You’re all shivers inside, You’re common, greedy and blind. Yet you’re sure you’re unique Just like the mad malice weak… And now you’re here in the pulse, A dumb doll among other dolls. Do you feel sweet, Mindless clone of something human?! Is there a need To save you from this shit… this fucking pulse of the rotten?! Why the hell you tell me ‘bout you’re in a trouble again?! Is that a drug-lacking pain or something else that you gain? You’ve got a hole in your head, your soul is drained, you’re on end. See now, see how, see why you’re already dead. Obedient hero, destructible zero, You never get what you want, you’ve lost what you got, thought you’re lucky, but you’re not. There’s no remedy… The cemetery’s all around you, Built with the things that you do: No mind illusions but few. I’m gonna tell you how it’s gonna be: You won the first prize And now you fit the size of you’re brand new coffin! The shit occurred — there’s now more reason for laughing: Prepare to face The Great Nothing! Yes, that’s the thing you have done, Sure! That’s the thing you have done To yourself. You know your half-witted ego’s alone: It hits you straight to the bone. So feel it and see it, hate it, update it, Be sicker and sicker, enjoy ‘cause you made it. You spit all around, now you can’t be found: No kick, no pick from anyone — you’re death-bound. Self-made calamity’s are bitter, But still you believe a drug makes you’re life sweeter… Get yourself together, run here (fuck the weather!) Join the dance of the rotten and feel The Great Nothing! Do you feel sweet, Mindless clone of something human?! Is there a need To save you from this shit… this fucking pulse of the rotten?! What d’ you wanna tell me? What d’ you wanna tell me? The Pulse Of The Rotten is a shit where you be. Freedom in mud Is a reality And the pulse Of The Rotten is you’re destiny. Blame yourself for that, Hate yourself for that, Fuck yourself for that ‘cause this is your life – the life that you had! Do (do you really do?) you (is that really you?) feel (do you really feel?) sweet, (is that shit so fucking sweet?) Mindless clone (dumb’n’numb and dumb’n’numb and mindless…) of something (nothing) human?! (the nothing’s sticking to nothing!) Is (Blame yourself for that) there (Hate yourself for that) a (fuck yourself for that) need (nobody comes, nobody comes to help) To save you from (what you have really done) this shit… this fucking pulse of the rotten?!