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FTB Anthem
3:37 93 1 11 лет
Гимн питерской школы хип-хоп танца FTB
Chorus : FTB ты знаешь имя Follow the beat now hola when u c me FTB бросает бомбы Can't u c the crowd's stompin' FTB все руки в воздух Don't make us take rage out on u FTB ты знаешь не вру Errbody step back now we come through Q.Rage : Let us get down n just do our thing baby Feel the flame burnin inside we dance crazy Every emotion expressed in the movement N Imma battle anybody if i gotta prove this The purpose of livin is to follow the beat Yo we can make anybody jump off his sit We started from nothin now we shakin the ground Now throw ya hands up if u're feelin our sound If u're feelin the vibe u gotta move to it Wheather u know how to do it or just jumpin stupid I'm totally self-tought I never took classes Now I'm teachin people turn haters to ashes I'm teachin people to follow the beat That's what I'll b doin till I fall off ma feet We develope ourselves n u pull up your pants So who told u bitches ganstas can't dance? Chorus. Shoi-T : Move your F to the Bizzle That is F in that white sneakz Doin' double O's on ya fizzle Doin' lows while you diss 'em You can hold on yo flo' But you can't feel the rhythm Betta watch, betta listen Betta move, betta prove That you're worth that glisten That's dance competition Stay prime, blaze up Wanna feel your ambitions, Inspiration, nuttin' mo' Move your feet down to danceflo' Show me what your body's made fo' Stick to tha beat while I hit ma flow Nice rhymez, nice beatz Nice guys make ya move your feet Put on your white sneakz Step yo' stage and show sum tricks... Chorus. Shoi-T, Q.Rage : T’n’Q gonna get that dough FTB gonna burn that floor White sneaks won’t stop no mo’ 5 6 7 8 here we go yo! Ya need to move mo’ Ya need to grove mo’ That homie Q’s pro Ma bro will teach y’all To reach the top o’ y’all To jump-offs n slo’ mo’ To follow that flow Now ready, set, go! Who wanna battle me? (U wanna battle him?) N for ur bitch that homie is a man of her dream N for u muthafucka nothin ain’t what it seems So kiss ma sneaks n watch how primy begins U wanna mess with me? (U wanna mess with T?) After that ma fists is the only thing u’ll c I’ll do ma job on u while u b playin G Cause I’m fro the muthafuckin FTB! Chorus.