The Way
3:37 99 0 11 лет
Демо композиция. Сингл. 2007
Fargo Records
The Way Count: What is my life? Where is my way? I live in a desolate world! Why do I open my eyes at sunrise? Hearing those screams, Seeing those scenes I’m stepping into the Palace of Gloom. Enter my mind and look What you have done! It: I’m always here, I’m witness of your thoughts! You can’t resist! Count: Dreaming never leads to reality... We sleep and do not want to be awaken, do not want to see the truth. We hide and put on masks on our crying faces… We can decieve ourselves but can we decieve our Destiny? It: A star has its place in the space, A bird has its road in the sky, A human beeing is lost in the mist – It is blind... blind… blind… Count: The way is long, The day is sombre, The hopes are vague... Life is a ruining Bridge In a transparent Desert... I need to know my Way!