Diablo's Victim
8:31 47 1 11 лет
композиция с альбома 2004г
Triumph Of Darkness
Fargo Records
Diablo's Victim Diablo: The sky will cry with bloody tears And cross will fall upon the grave. You have become a hopeless slave - You're looking for your dead bride. Princess: Those witch's presages have come true. Who will show me mysterious clue? All my entreaties are in vane, I'll never see my knight again. Diablo: You drag along through storm and rain. You are a lonely ghost. She lives above the endless coast. You'll never find her shelter! Princess: My soul is tortured in Diablo's Abyss Where Gloom of Ages keeps the ancient myths. Black solitude captured my flesh, I have no power to repulse the dash! Go, go away, dear knight, monsters fly near! I know that my destiny is to die here. Diablo The monsters are howling, they roar with laughter. I am their master; your soul will be mine! Come into my lair! Princess: You'll hate this musty air. Diablo: Make a step to emptiness! Princess: Don't! You'll lose your quietness. Diablo: Your body feels deep fear. Princess: Your heart won't be clear. Diablo: Your ashes are in my possession. Princess: Eternity is our oppression!