The Land Of Your Dream
4:16 28 0 10 лет
композиция с альбома 2001г
Cruel Fight
Fargo Records
Land of your Dream Princess: Looked on the sun you have gone To search for the dream of the Lord. You've taken your sword, You've found the road - It's pointed to you by the God. The dangerous fights will appear ahead And though you are tired of the way, Don't say to yourself that you may be dead, Exhausted you will stay. And so many roads, heavy stones Prevent you from reaching your aim. The death wants your soul, The monsters will go, You know it's not the game. Fly far away from the shadow of trees! Believe and you'll see paradise. Remember, pursuit will not cease But hope reflects in your eyes. Value of life, be strong and survive, Enter the gates of the time! Courage you gave in emerald cave Look at mysterious sign! In forest meet your golden sunrise And hear silver wind's chant. You will be the last sacrifice But find the magnificent land!