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Vit @ D.J. Yamakasi
хочу связать себя узами брака, но если-бы не эти грёбанные слои... слои - общества...
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создание заняло примерно сутки... и болшое спасибо DENу большому человеку...
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what's up baby, please tell me i need your help, i need a family so much just marry you and always be together, forever what's up let's talk about you your parents hait me why don't they like me what you want me to do what's up your bro and your friends your dog and your cat don't like me to i don't understand what's up what's up the love so strainge thing how could this happend to us i know that we are from the defferent places you know what i mean tell me baby why do you love me your love like a dezert's rain and i can say it again what's up i use to be alone living by my own yes i was strong but now i am week i'm bearning i'm dieing i'm thinking about you darling i'm warried about us how can i get the extas without you it's a joke to be wiyh you and to talk o baby with you my dreames already came true they say your time is up,stop but i will nener give up i'm not a punk not a jorkey i'm just a little bit monkey