Underage Fun
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I saw that lil girl tyin her shoe I walked by an said my oh my she looked back with that innocent smile she must've only been in junior high but me i never really care anyway as long as everything is in it's place i noticed from the other side of the street that pretty face an those satins and lace somebody called me on the telephone 'n said man, doncha challenge your fate they'll put ya in a place you don't wanna go i said i know but it's too late cause it's underage fun, underage fun so much fun when your lif's just begun underage fun, underage fun is your homework done? it's been a month and there were so many things that she found out and learned how to do and then she took me to her birthday bash and said her sister'd be there too i got her presents little barbie doll pink panties and a lollypop, a lil toe ring an' a KISS T shirt and hoped i wasn't gonna meet her pap i didn't even wanna meet her mom but she was cool an' she was smoking pot so i came up and introduced myself i tell ya she was smokin' hot! for some underage fun, underage fun...