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Мощный напористый трек, сочетающий в себе ярость Soulfly и мелодизм Nightwish.
История создания
Сентябрь 2006 - Июнь 2007.
I'm sick and tired of fucking shit where i'm in When everybody want to kill me when I want to live They try to use my shoulders to jump so high But they won't give their fucking hand when I struggle to survive It seems that there is no way out But I'll gather up myself and show you all my possible wrath It will be an unpleasant surprise for you When you'll see how I will arise!!! We'll rise from ashes Rise from pain And everything Will start again It's not so hopeless As you thought You've nothing lost But found a lot! You'll never know What time is right Just trust your fate And wait for a sign Don't look behind And don't regret About the things You should forget I've never felt this fucking way before But I won't let you wipe your feet on me anymore You just revel in my dependance on you But when I'll strike your back your power will be scattered into Ashes! We'll gain our strength from the dust! Ashes! We don't want to be forever lost! Ashes! Let's start our long trip to the sky! Ashes! We'll eclipse everyone when we'll rise! Don't regret! Just forget! (x2) I feel the growing power within myself Just like an engine burns inside of me From this world of shit I will rise to the sky And there's nothing that can hold me from changing my life I won't let anyone to rule my fate I'm leaving this place without regret I could have tried to remain in this state But I haven't said my last word yet!