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Since you not have been born yet, you've started to teach me You've started to scoff at me, started to blame me But you're afraid to show me your real face The best you can do is to yap from under fence! Wipe snot from your nose and milk from your lips And tear yourself away from your mother's tits Don't be hurry to tell that someone is the worst Just clean your face from pimples first! You'd better look at yourself! Look at yourself! (You, sucker!) Look at yourself! Look at yourself, motherfucker! You're not my mother, you're not my father You're not the one I respect and admire! You did nothing for what I should treat you well And i'm not intended to prove that all you tell is a lie! Hey, sucker, what's up? And who do you really think you are? Don't drive me wild or I'll smash your face Just shut you mouth and fuck your ass! You've tried to hurt me, but sorry, you've missed! Let's meet face to face, you don't have to piss Repeat your words when you'll look into my eyes And prove me that you have the right to criticize! It seems that mirror was invented not for you. Cos it could help you to understand that you're ugly too You'd rather kill yourself than start to speak! Just jerk off your cock and suck my dick!