Looking The Chaos Within
6:01 53 4 15 лет
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Mind Eclipse, Аркадий Навахо
Трэк с новейшего альбома грппы Mind Eclipse. Мрачно-мелодичный black-death metal.
История создания
Музыка была сочинена в период осени 2001 года.
Chaos Chronicles
Navaho Hut Records / Chek Sound Records
Looking At The Chaos Within I was exiled once And shattered into pieces Dispersed about the universe Each fragment morphing into soul Compressed within the tissue Nursing in the stream of blood Sucking on the juice of life And waiting for the moment to awake For some integral element For others parasitic strain Transfecting every cell and mind No matter what I thrive Concealed within the shell of human kind From dawn till dusk of human life Forever fading and proliferating I die in flesh that melts away like wax Discharged with pus I flow Exposed to perils of liquidity of life I am your only solid core Chaos within Discharged with pus I flow To feed the worms Then briefly disappear Only to be born again A flower on the tomb I travel through the realms of time Musing at your self-inflicted pain And savor my supremacy in your trival game Where people are merely used as paws I play on the stage of my desires Until the time when all my bits rejoin And I will come alive ...And order is just for me