Kingdom Of Doom
2:52 6 0 10 лет
Психоделический рок
Кавер-версия на песню группы The Good The Bad and The Queen (той самой, где сейчас Дэймон Элбарн).
История создания
было записано осенью 2006 у меня дома
Friday night In the kingdom of doom Ravens fly Across the moon All in now There’s a noise in the sky Following all the rules And not knowing why ….And when the sunset wheel begins Turning into the night I see everything in black and white And then……………… Drink all day Coz the country is at war Soon your be falling of the palace walls I can’t be anymore than I say In the flood we all get washed away A love song for the collaboration You and me will never be undone We’ll let it flow away