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Brandy,Monica, их студийные гении, я и мой верный комп!
Этот потрясающий track, записанный в конце 90х двумя не менее потрясающими певицами Brandy & Monica, не так давно... ПОТЕРЯЛ СВОЮ "РОДНУЮ" АРАНЖИРОВКУ!!! С помощью неких добрых людей. ;-) Именно они-то и выложили все вокальные сэмплы из этой вещи на один из популярных шара-сайтов. (За что я нереально им благодарен!) ;-) ...А мне, просто, стало жалко сиротку. Решил приютить. :-) Короче! Это BRANDY & MONICA - THE BOY IS MINE (P.P.G. REMIX) !!! Вот! :-)
История создания
Как всегда. ОГРОМНЫЕ СПАСИБОЧКИ Cubase SX, Sound Forge 8.0, компаниям-производителям VSTшек (Hypersonic & Edirol), девчёнкам-авторам Brandy & Monica за Такой Потрясающий Track и Марише за терпение. ;-) Аранжировку сделал в начале Сентября 2007го. Работал 4 дня.
The Boy Is Mine You need to give it up Had about enough It's not hard to see The boy is mine I'm sorry that you Seem to be confused He belongs to me The boy is mine [Brandy] I think it's time we got this straight Let's sit and talk face to face There is no way you could mistake Him for your man - are you insance [Monica] You see I know that you maybe Just a bit jelous of me But you're blind if you can't see That his love is all in me [Brandy] You see I tried to hesitate I didn't wanna say what he told me He said without me he couldn't make It throught he day ain't that a shame [Monica] Maybe you misunderstood 'Cause I can't see how he could Wanna change something that's so good Because my love is all it took Refrain [Monica] Must you do the things you do Keep on acting like a fool You need to know it's me not you And if you didn't it - girl it's true [Brandy] I think that you should realize And try to understand way He is a part of my life I know it's killing you inside [Monica] You can say what you wanna say What we have you can't take From the truth you can't escape I can tell the real from the fake [Brandy] When will you get the picture You're the past I'm the future Get away it's my time to shine And if you didn't knwo the boy is mine Refrain You can't destroy the love I found Your silly games I won't allow The boy is mine without a doubt You might as well throw in the towel What makes you thing that he wants you When I'm the one that brought him to That special place in my heart 'Cause he was my love right from the start