Experiment In Blood
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Трагическая история о пациенте, погибшем на операционном столе во время испытания новой сыворотки.
Phantom Pain
Dirty limbs start to shiver I take a look at the body - there’s no escape Glutei contracting, job should be done I give him the enema Petrol flows into burning him from inside I write down the indications Murderous, his glare full of hate He can’t realize his role in the progress of science Preparations are made I take his urine by way of catheter, it’s brown-red I inject intravenously prepared solution, his eyes are sad The years of work, experiment’s goal Invented serum should be confirmed Suddenly symptoms of suffocation I see at patients face Damn, it couldn’t happen, I count his pulse Blood pressure has markedly fallen All is lost, possessed by the rage I incise peritoneum, retract the wound edges The entrails are scattered He is just no more but symbol of failure And pile of meat I tear the wound and salt the intestines It’s time to eat There is no sense, madness is resumed Remains of the dead should be consumed