2 hous to dawn
2:29 28 0 10 лет
Еще не доконца сведенная весчь
2 HOURS TO DAWN   In the land, scorched by war, autumn’s coming! It will paint the rocks by crimson color… I’m sleeping, but don’t see the dreams. Mind was hurted by fear and my screams!   My friend will go home in the morning… Two hours are remained before dawning, Tonight scouts have brought scent of Death! Soul of soldier in peace will not rest…   For mother, zinc coffin’s a bad gift! The copter flies above war-field. I listen the silence, I look at the sky – And see the sunrise through my gun-sight!   Beside heart we all keep valued photos. We may be don’t awake up tomorrow, Now, we raise up cups of spirit For Sun and for all, underneath it!