Slashing Of The Mummified
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Recorded at "Home Sweet Home" (feb 2001) Engineered, mixed & mastered by Igor Lobanov (feb-april 2001) Additional mastering by "Die" Records (feb-april 2001)
История создания
slashed & mummifing
Pre-Natal Whittling, 2002
(p) 2002, Displeased Records
1. SLASHING OF THE MUMMIFIED The ply of mummified children reversed inside out Grided gangrenous halved parts from whole Multiocular rankled pasty mass of opened abscesses Quickset of fractured gipped bodies chawed up Infants defatted -and glomerated harrowed by hardy Overlying on stiffing congeries of damped entrails Ex tensed fetor bowels exploding in the faeces 'Exhausted devitalized bodies slowly ossifying I put by crimped corpses putrefied with crawls Fire-brand kidneys contractile in convulsions Formation of frizzled anuses filled up with houghs On cairns of burked and. burnt crisped torsos Bagged children abrupted with mighty millstones Bate frets excoriated skin in huge pots Blowflies subsist to heads impaled on the barlings Exfoliated nipples stitched up with portal veins Joggling infants hanging on crooks by jowles Planed placentae parted into plies Pylorus brew in reservoirs with blood Picked off piecemeal meat hashed in a mess Flatted inverted bodies exposed to intubation Tumefacted ulcerous organs torn in two Sliced scrunched genitals interfused with gobbets Implicated garbage furring in emetic slime I watch the malposed fetuses broken in flinders Footless evirated torsos stabbed with fibulae Far and near blubbering eviscerated children Hooved bellies growing together with hind-heads Flensed with my whittle children tremble and twitch Intestines unrooted from unpicked paunches Undigested ordure eructating from esophaguses Erupted cysts discharging; stinking pus Lyrics © by Butch