Rest of Us
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People lying Cheating on themselves People crying Dying before death If I could be numb If I could be silent Forever, forever I just stay alive Lie and steal, then shoot and kill Care for self, forget our god Lie and steal, you never give a fuck About the rest of us World is blind Why everyone’s so cruel? Our soul is light Don’t forget the truth If they could be kind If they could be patient Forever, forever We’ll live in peace and fly Chorus Why do you crave all this?!!! People realize what they do or do not do, they realize each and every mistake they’ve made or are making just now… We understand that we pollute, but we go on. We understand and KNOW we kill each other, but we persevere and proceed. We realize our actions, we know the consequences following the wrong steps and still we go on… But we keep shouting, we protest and go on. Why? ‘Cause we can’t resist? ‘Cause we can’t make an effort? Yes we can. I can. But … I go on. I do it the same way. I observe, I analyze, I deliberate over all of my actions, present and to be, but still I go on. Why do I do this? WHY?!