Baby how I want to dance with you
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Психоделический рок
Between No Distance
recorded in Munich (Germany)
baby how I want to dance with you haven’t danced for years or maybe more I’m alone tonight I hope you too I don’t have a girlfriend anymore baby how I want to take your hand when we go inside the dancing hall and I want you to be closer as you can coz want to feel your body girl baby how I want to know your name is your name as pretty as your eyes? speak to me because I like your voice smile at me because I need your smile baby how I want to kiss you I don’t know if I could please you I don’t know anything about you but I want you yes I want you baby how I want to go with you even if it takes a thousand miles I’ll embrace you like the lovers do let me think a moment that you’re mine baby how I want to stay with you tell your parents that I need to stay and I’ll wash your feet before we go to bed and I want you closer when we sleep