Everybody’s lonely
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Between No Distance
recorded in Munich (Germany)
so many people are lonely it’s an exception if you do it all right frustration’s holding us strongly I’ve never met someone all satisfied he’s got the hell of a money he’s got a beautiful beautiful wife can buy whatever he wants but he doesn’t feel satisfied with his life coz everybody’s lonely everybody’s lonely there’s something more than position there’s something more than money or fame our life is more than ambitions more than the difference between woman and man no matter muslim or christian no matter what kind of face have you got no matter russian or english an animal human being or God coz everybody’s lonely everybody’s lonely I don’t know if I’m a lucky man coz you sleep with another guy could be happy if I took you hand darling I can kiss your eyes some girls know I love the special way did someone ever wash your feet? if you let me wash your body girl I could be I could be I could be...