Nothing’s forever
3:34 7 0 10 лет
Прогрессивный рок/Арт-рок
Between No Distance
recorded in Munich (Germany)
somebody waits for tomorrow there must be something to give him a chance there must be no place for sorrow we had enough really just more or less we could be happy together but it’s so hard really to make the plans nothing is lasting forever but there is something to give us a sense nothing’s forever nothing’s forever nothing’s forever nothing but what there’s something more than frustration there’s something more than tears and pain my heart has got such a tension but there is something to break down the chains baby I want to be free like a sail in a sea and you as close to me as my body baby I want to forgive and I want to believe that the reason we live is a wonder a wonder will you wait for tomorrow? yes I will yes I will