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Birth of Virgin Feelings Demo'03
Impat Music: Dictator Lyrics: Misanthropic Poetry/Anne Infernal I candles blew out in churches The glare of somebody's pain The pain that everyone searches In this holy walls again I candles blew out in churches Weeping on those God's cinique I asked but the priest was laughing Hiding behind luxury He hates the questions and answers But still he smiles to me His pain's other people's disaster Wandering and flee And I haven't found the answer I tore away all the pain From candles, from walls and from icons And cry pierced the temple again My wrists were terribly bleeding And hands all the pain couldn't hold Two nails in my veins penetrating And wounds have been poured with salt My pain was thrown and taken By priests of the sacred Will With black thorny wreath it was piercing Was thrown in flame and was killed Icandles blew out, not knowing That pain is much stronger than us It wasn't weeping and groaning Because it is human beeing's parts.