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Writen by A.Hates What is this fever that makes me tick? What is this anger that makes me tick? What is this hate that makes me tick? I feel my disgust like a taste of sin I feel my remorse like I have never been In this dead end solution, this mortal condition Now facing the face of my saviour's good-bye Please take this one last assignment Turn silent my friends Welcome fate We're in this together What is this pain that makes me tick? What is this fear that makes me tick? What is this noise that makes me tick? Take the crippled mind next door What do you think this room is for? You came to test my sanity You had to learn my mind is free You came to talk but you don't listen I try to walk but crawl instead You know the secrets of aggravation You know the flaws of every soul So tired of surviving So sick of being hunted So sick of being silent These words need to be heard