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Chapter VII Ordeal “Sit down and listen” - said the sage Prophet of things - unpleasant, but true “Full trumpets drown in blasts of your rage But do I hear laugh of wonders in you? Sarcastic speech, blasphemous hymns Vices of men your favorite strings But how worthless are your sins They even don’t burn the empyreans…” Man wades through heavy snow Through rusted shades of past And thoughts he left behind Again engulf himself, alas… What do you want from me Ghost of conscience – moral whore Clerical keepsake scorned abhorred Freedom starts when you say “no” Get off shadows! Cast you down Who if not me will fix the rules Who will crash the bounds? Pain of imperfection So well – known companion I ask you - reflection Who am I? Trying to overcome Antichristian phenomenon Why do I still carry on? My convictions turned to venom From total rejection To the strategy of onslaught But so human recollections Poisoning myself with doubt Get off doubt! Cast you down If I’ll die will come another Proud, alligiant and hellbound Let His Name in centuries resound “Sit down and listen” - said the sage Insane laugher of Dionysiac pit “Doth I bewilder your logic wit Twisting the conceps that you have tagged?” Free out your fantasies, icarnate dreams Leaving nothing unrevenged, unreedemed That day when your longing no more You’ll become all that once was wishing for On this crossroad He turned back Facing all That he repressed Soul – sick phasms In wanting cell Hailing prison Where they dwell Can’t accept The hierarchy Self-made god? Just selfish me... Pride in black Is just defence Hiding behind The common sense: Fear of the death Get off shadows! Cast you down Who if not me will face the fears Who will crash the bounds? Gage me for my deeds Not for the words They’r not unusual Sad long before It’s not my affections But the worlds that isn’t real This is what they living for But it’s my ordeal ( Music by Aefron & SpaceWhite, Lyrics by Aefron)