The Light of Lost Souls
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"Birth of Virgin Feelings" Demo'03
The Light Of Lost Souls Music: Dictator Lyrics: Misanthropic Poetry/Anne Infernal Groan! Do you hear shouts and groans? Here, here my house was burned Here, in torments they waited for death And died with the honor, with no mercy for them. Their souls were trampled by black combat boots And left decomposed among fields and in woods Here their bones have been broken by tanks, butt in face And the crosses on tanks mean God blessed their race Groan! Do you hear their shouts and groans? Sincethat a nightmare can't leave me alone I see all this fear and slaughter, I hear pitiful cry And butcher in soldier's clothes let all this people die. Groan! Can't you hear the voice and the groan? Screams of innocent victims blend in gloomy dark moan It seems it's impossible even to try this to forget The horror in children's eye's who were born alive but for death.